Rethink the way we see ourselves and the way we should go about transforming Montréal into a more inclusive, resilient and innovative city. 

July 2016
A global role for mayors

Make cities collaborate to solve global issues, that's the idea that Benjamin Barber from the Global Parliament of Mayors, and John Means from McKinsey, are putting forward. 

July 2016
La Ruche

The local crodwfunding platform La Ruche just arrived in Montreal. Here is a guide for those who have a project or want to revitalise their sector. 

June 2016
99% Invisible

Have you heard of 99% Invisible? This show about cities is very inspiring to us!

June 2016
Resilience 101

What you need to know about the concept of "resilience", explained by Julie-Maude Normandin, PhD student in Public Policy Analysis and Management at ENAP. 

June 2016
The Coop Les Valoristes

This collective supports Montreal's binners in order to improve their living conditions as well as promote recycling. Find out how they work together. 

June 2016
Cities in transformation

Gorka Espiau, from the Michael Young Foundation, presents his vision of Montreal and other metropolises' transformations.  

June 2016
Muhammad Yunus at HEC Montréal

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize 2006 and founder of the Grameen Bank, gave an inspirational talk at HEC Montréal. 

June 2016
Montreal and sustainable investment

Cary Krosinsky, from Brown University, explains why Montreal is the beating heart of sustainable Investing in North America. 

May 2016
C2 Montreal : We were there!

We have been invited to participate to C2 Montréal this year. Discover what was said about Amplifier Montréal.