Rethink the way we see ourselves and the way we should go about transforming Montréal into a more inclusive, resilient and innovative city. 

September 2016
Tables de quartier

Great video about the Tables de quartier coalition of Montreal. Did you know that this unique international model comes from Montreal?

September 2016
Tours de tables

On September 22, 2016, Montrealers will invite their neighbours over for a discussion on their city and its future. Click if you want to participate!

August 2016
Ten Key Ingredients for Collective Impact

An excellent reading about how powerful Collective Impact can be when the right ingredients are used. 

August 2016
Mémoires des Montréalais

Launched by the Centre d'histoire de Montréal, this website traces the history of Montreal and its inhabitants. An initiative that puts great emphasis on our collective memory through various themes.  

August 2016

The asphalt lumberjacks are coming to Montreal! Discover what they will be doing here as part of the Projet ILEAU : Interventions Locales en Environnement et Aménagement Urbain. 

July 2016
Cité Mémoire

The origins and backstage of Cité Mémoire - a historical, urban and artistic project that makes Montreal proud. 

July 2016
A global role for mayors

Make cities collaborate to solve global issues, that's the idea that Benjamin Barber from the Global Parliament of Mayors, and John Means from McKinsey, are putting forward. 

July 2016
La Ruche

The local crodwfunding platform La Ruche just arrived in Montreal. Here is a guide for those who have a project or want to revitalise their sector. 

June 2016
99% Invisible

Have you heard of 99% Invisible? This show about cities is very inspiring to us!