May 2016

The Amplifier Montréal team met the Mayor of Winnipeg. We discussed some of the initiatives that make us proud of Montreal.

May 2016
Cities and Social Innovation

The Jardins Gamelin of Montreal have been thought in an innovative way and are a true model of inclusion. 

May 2016
C2 Montreal : We were there!

We have been invited to participate to C2 Montréal this year. Discover what was said about Amplifier Montréal. 

June 2016
Muhammad Yunus at HEC Montréal

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize 2006 and founder of the Grameen Bank, gave an inspirational talk at HEC Montréal. 

June 2016
Montreal and sustainable investment

Cary Krosinsky, from Brown University, explains why Montreal is the beating heart of sustainable Investing in North America. 

July 2016
La Ruche

The local crodwfunding platform La Ruche just arrived in Montreal. Here is a guide for those who have a project or want to revitalise their sector. 

October 2016
12 lessons learned about social innovation

The J.W McConnell Family Foundation presents its visual reflections and learnings about philanthropy and social innovation.