May 2016
Text: Amplifier Montreal team

Our Vision

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Amplifier Montréal: Understanding who we are and taking action.

Montréal is a pluralistic and heterogeneous metropolis. Once a transit point and a gathering place for aboriginal peoples, Montréal is now an eclectic city shaped by the presence of both linguistic communities and by successive waves of immigrants that have made it Québec’s largest city. Thanks to its cosmopolitan character, Montréal is open to the world and continues to attract and influence it.
Like people, cities grow in spurts. On the cusp of its 375th anniversary, Montréal is undergoing a major transformation, rivalled only by the one brought about in the 1960s with Expo 67, which put us on the world stage. Once again, we have the opportunity to build the city of our dreams.
We believe that Montréal must become a more inclusive, resilient and innovative city.
We want it to go from a city of “one hundred steeples” to a city where ideas flow freely; from a city of “one hundred ideas’” to one where a whirlwind of projects ˗ a reflection of the city’s creativity ˗ fosters connections and leads to major success stories. We want Montréal’s voices to multiply and represent those of an entire community.
We must all take part in Montréal’s transformation. Amplifier Montréal’s objective is to unite, through the calm and the chaos, stakeholders from all areas by embracing each individual’s drive to contribute to our city’s transformation.
A few years ago, Montréal may have been referred to as “sleeping beauty”, but those days are long gone; our city is alive! Very soon, Amplifier Montréal will be at the service of those who want to transform Montréal into what it can and should be: a more inclusive, resilient and innovative city.