About the kinds of craps



Craps is a rather popular game that is offered in every casino – both online and offline. The popularity of this game is spreading around the world, I’m among craps fans, and I’m sure many of you have tried dice at least once.

Craps, like any other game, is divided into several varieties. I only know four main subspecies, maybe there are some more, but I haven’t seen them yet.

So, craps happens: private, craps with a bank, New York craps, open craps.

Private craps. The rules here are the same as in the classic. The only difference is that private craps are played wherever possible: the main thing is that there is good company and a desire to play. For private craps you will need: a pair of cubes, two or more players, any flat surface on which you can roll dice and an unbridled passion for craps.

Craps with a bank.

This type of dice game uses a table with markings. In most cases, the markings on the table are the same, but regardless of how the table is marked, each gambling house sets a certain percentage on each bet.

New York City Craps. Very similar to craps with a bank, there are some differences, but the rules of the game they do not apply. Features of New York Craps are the interest charged on the bets and the layout of the table.

Open Craps. By playing this type of craps, participants can wager with each other.

The rules are the same in each of these types of craps, the differences are some of the features I have told you about above.