Map Review for Poker

Map Review for Poker

Today we want to review the most important attribute of poker – playing cards. There are cards of different kinds, sizes and colours. We would like to compare some of the most famous card decks in the world and thus help you decide which ones are the best. Let’s buy five card decks from the leading card manufacturers and get started.

Brightness of colors

The “Royals” cards are, in our opinion, the lightest and brightest of all plastic cards. White is purer, black is deeper. These cards are truly pleasing to the eye. The Royal” cards are shiny, but note that in some wells you can find small defects – graphic images are cracked.

A “Plus” cards are in second place in terms of brightness of colors, because we think they are a little bit bright. Red is not as deep as on Royal cards, and has an orange tint.

“KEM” cards are in third place in terms of paint brightness. Brightness of paints on cards of other manufacturers (“Gemaco”, “Dal Negro” and “COPAG”) is mediocre enough.

The colour scale of “COPAG” cards is the most brilliant. “COPAG” ir “Dal Negro” – the only manufacturers, on whose cards on the front side is drawn a blue border. The blue color is very dim and therefore the border is not visible.

Our rating: 1-Royal, 2-A Plus, 3-KEM (best); 4-Gemaco, 5-Dal Negro, 6-COPAG (worst).

nettcasino norge
Ace of the Royal deck of cards

General feeling and texture

When you hold a Dal Negro card in your hands, it feels like it’s made of paper. They also look too big and very “rough”. It feels like the quality of these cards is very different from everyone else. It seems that after a couple of months of playing all the other cards will look too slippery and smooth.

KEM” cards have such properties by which you can evaluate all the other decks. We tested these cards, and we liked them better than others. Most players clearly claim that these cards are some of the best they’ve ever played. In the hand they clearly feel like they’re plastic cards, less than Royal, A Plus and Gemaco, but more than COPAG and even more so than Dal Negro. You can always choose the best of online casinos in Canada and enjoy playing poker. ¬†They are slightly harder than COPAG and Gemaco, but much more flexible than Dal Negro.

At first glance, “COPAG” cards are more similar to “Dal Negro”, but they feel more like “KEM”. “COPAGs are a bit more flexible than KEMs, but they look less solid. There’s a big difference between a COPAG card for bridge and a poker card. Poker-sized cards are much more solid, like “KEM” poker-sized cards.

Gemaco cards are much thinner, lighter and more flexible than KEM cards, but they are significantly inferior in texture. Gemaco cards are more like a brutal version of KEM.

Royal” maps have a particularly smooth surface and are pleasant to touch. They slide better than any of the maps we’ve listed. “The Royal is a bit like A Plus, but a bit more gliding. A Plus” cards seem much thinner and less flexible than “Royal” cards.

Our score: 1-KEM, 2-Gemaco, 3-COPAG (best); 4-Dal Negro, 5-A Plus, 6-Royal (worst).

Map Review for Poker
Ace from a deck of KEM cards


“KEM” cards have the most beautiful graphics. It is more detailed, and the colors are also quite bright (3rd place). This shows the quality of “KEM” cards, which we have not found in any other deck. They have a perfect combination of color and graphic detail – no unnecessary overload, as in “A Plus” cards.

Cards “Royal” take second place. The combination of very bright white colors with colorful graphics looks just great and stands out from the crowd. Beautiful dark red color, and black – deep and dark, but the graphics are a bit heavy. It’s not as smooth as the “KEM” cards. The color scheme of “A Plus” cards is similar to “Royal” cards, but the graphics are even heavier.

The graphics of “Gemaco” cards are on the third place by the quality. It’s even more detailed than “KEM” cards, but not as beautiful artistically. The graphics of “Dal Negro” maps are rather boring, but the blue border is a bit animated. COPAG” cards have the smallest amount of detail.

Our rating: 1-KEM, 2- Royal, 3-Gemaco (the best); 4-Dal Negro, 5-A Plus, 6-COPAG (the worst).

King of the Gemaco deck of cards.
King of the “Gemaco” deck of cards.

Thickness of a deck of cards

Currently, the thickest deck of cards is Dal Negro. It is one or more millimeters thicker than other card manufacturers’ cards. The next four decks stacked next to each other are slightly thinner – “A Plus”, “COPAG”, “KEM” and “Gemaco”. The thinnest cards now are the Royal.

Our score: 1-Dal Negro, 2-A Plus, 3-COPAG (the thickest), 4-KEM, 5-Gemaco, 6-Royal (the thinnest).

King of the Dal Negro deck of cards.
King of the Dal Negro deck of cards.

We hope that these comparisons will help you choose the right deck of cards. In the future we will conduct a wider review of the products of each card manufacturer and thus help you to choose the best deck of all!


There are many varieties of poker, but in any of them can not do without the basic attributes – chips and cards. And if the purchase of tokens are very selective, the deck sometimes take the first caught. And for nothing. As professionals say, there is nothing worse than playing bad cards.

In fact, a lot depends on this choice. First, the expected life expectancy of the deck, respectively, and the financial costs. Secondly, the comfort and pleasure of the game. Naturally, beautiful cards with a chic gloss are more pleasant to hold than crumpled sheets with torn edges. How to choose cards for poker? There are several criteria.

If you are careful when selecting cards, they will certainly not cause you bad mood or discomfort when playing. But do not forget that the cards must be looked after and be sure to check the deck before starting the game. Even a small spot can play the role of a fatal mark, because of which someone will lose an impressive amount.

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