Online poker tournaments

General information about online poker tournaments

Poker tournaments are loved for their sporting component. Here the game is played not only for money, but also for titles, prestige and respect. Participation and victories in major tournaments is a prerequisite for a player to be promoted to the rank of great. Thanks to online poker, thousands of tournaments are available for everyone every day.

Tournament poker has its own specificity, which largely distinguishes a tournament game from a cash game by the same rules. In a tournament, none of the participants have a starting advantage because everyone pays an equal buy-in and gets the same size stack. In contrast to a cash game, a player cannot leave the table when he wants to save his money. Blinds in tournaments are regularly increased and this happens at certain time intervals. There can only be one winner in a tournament who will receive all the opponents’ game chips.

However, it is not only the winner who will be rewarded for his tournament successes. Traditionally, a part of the total prize pool goes to 10% of the players who have contributed buy-in. For example, if there are 900 registered players in a tournament, the payments, the amount of which is proportional to the total place in the tournament table, will be received by the best 90 players. In this case, for the 90th place a player will earn $10, and for the first place – $3,000. Thus, if you successfully perform in a poker tournament, you will get a reward that is 500 times higher than your initial deposit. Online poker websites such as Full Tilt Rock, PokerStars or PartyPoker offer a huge number of tournaments to suit every taste and wallet every day.

Tournament game fundamentals

The player makes a buy-in, some of which goes as a commission for the establishment. In online poker room it is usually written as $20 + $2, where $20 is the entry fee for the tournament and $2 is the tournament fee.

After that, the player automatically gets a seat at the table. When you are at the table, your starting stack will be displayed next to your nickname.

Blind levels are constantly increasing in the tournament. The starting level is usually at 25/50 and after a few minutes it rises to 50/100. In later stages, the blind sizes can reach six-digit numbers, which increases tension and forces players to be active.

In major tournaments, the practice is to transfer players to another table. In online poker room it is done automatically.

For reflection and decision making, the player is given strict time. On average, in online poker you have 20 seconds to make a move.

When players approach the prize zone, the handouts at all tables are synchronized.